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40 and Fabulous: A very quarantine birthday

I turned 40 yesterday.

It was not the way I had planned to usher in my 40s. My fiance and I had an amazing trip through Scandinavia planned, including a fjord cruise, a Viking dinner, castles, museums, bicycles, and lots of very expensive craft beer.

Instead, like basically everyone else on the planet, we spent the day at home in COVID lockdown. Did you know that the word “quarantine” comes from the number 40? It seems fitting.

But, to prove that you can be fabulous at any age (and any height), I decided to dress for the occasion. I got all done up to the nines — because hey, when do we have the opportunity to dress up anymore? I finally cut the tags off this dress from 2019’s Black Friday haul. I did my hair and makeup, and even donned high heels.

Dress: Tommy Hilfiger Belted Midi Dress, size 4P, $92.99 USD at Macy’s (reduced from $134)

And the finishing touches were the hilarious plastic tiara and “it’s my f**king birthday” sash that a friend sent me for the occasion. Because sometimes a girl just needs a tiara, right?

We made the best of it. My fiance also dressed for the occasion in a snazzy suit, complete with pocket square. We danced around the living room to my vinyl collection. We celebrated via a Zoom chat with friends and family. He cooked me a delicious dinnner. And to cap it off, I blew out a Chanukah candle in a flourless chocolate cake he baked me — because nobody can find any birthday candles anymore. Or flour. But whatever. It was delicious.

Five foot one, forty, and fabulous? Yep, that’s me. Bring it on.



2 thoughts on “40 and Fabulous: A very quarantine birthday

  1. Belated happy birthday and well done for celebrating in style despite the circumstances. Hope you get to go on your trip soon.

  2. Yes, a belated happy 40th Birthday; it sounds like you and your fiance made the best of things. Flour was in limited supply in spring 2020 (in UK) but apparently lots of people had stocked up in order to try their hand at bread-making whilst ‘locked down’.

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