A world built for men

The Guardian had an article out this week about how life as a woman in a world built and designed for men can often range from frustrating to dangerous: These silences, these gaps, have consequences. They impact on women’s lives, every day. The impact can be relatively minor – struggling to reach a top shelf… Read More A world built for men

Petite Fashion Challenges

Retailers banning customers for excessive returns?

The news this year that retailers like Amazon might be banning shoppers for returning items too often launched a huge media storm and sparked a debate about how many returns, exactly, constitute “too many”. Does returning 20% of orders count as excessive? How about 50% Or 80%? Are there different categories of items where it’s… Read More Retailers banning customers for excessive returns?


Concentrated fail

My friend Heather sent me a link to this t-shirt last weekend. I think she was trying to tell me that I’m concentrated awesome. Which, hey, everyone knows is true, after all! But, the minute I clicked on the link, I spotted the issue. Can you see it? That’s right: A t-shirt marketed to short… Read More Concentrated fail