Wall of Shame

Wall of Shame: Winners

Here’s another generic form response from Canadian discount chain Winners, which used to have a reasonably extensive petites selection before they decided to phase it out:

Over the past several months it has become very difficult for our buyers to find enough product in the marketplace to support the petite inventory plans in our stores. Unfortunately, this will be a long term issue. Due to these constraints, the merchandise will no longer be a department but mixed in within our regular sizes. We will continue to source great product in all sizes and hope you continue to find great fashion value in your size.

(I should note that there are no petite items “mixed in with regular sizes” at any Winners I’ve visited in the past number of months. That part’s a blatant lie. The truth is, they just stopped caring.)

So the retailers blame the brands for not making enough petite clothes. The brands blame the retailers for not stocking enough. And the Catch-22 continues.

Meanwhile, the shopping options for Canadian petites continue to dwindle down to zero.



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