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Petite blog roundup

Here is a list of some of my favourite petite-friendly resources, blogs, articles, writers and websites:

US-based blogs

  • The Petite Pear Project – Kristin is basically my spirit sister. Her style tips are invaluable to us short and curvy ladies, and she blogs about body positivity, too!
  • Alterations Needed — a blog written by Kelly, a San-Francisco-based 4’11” fashion blogger. Her site has curated wardrobe items and a style and fashion guide for petites, and she even has direct links to petite-friendly items for sale.
  • Petite Fashionista — Becca is a 5’3″ fashion blogger currently living in Florida.
  • Extra Petite — another blog written by Jean, a <5’0″ fashion blogger in Boston. Jean’s is not only short, but really tiny, so some of her tips don’t work for me, but I love seeing how she puts outfits together.
  • Stylish Petite — a SoCal-based petites fashion blog, with lots of great product reviews of current season styles from petite retailers. Most of them aren’t available here in Canada so I can only admire, not buy, but it does help with the inspiration.
  • Petite Style Studio is the website of a personal shopper, Trina, based in Los Angeles who caters specifically to petites. While I can’t speak to her services — which would be way, way out of my price range even if I lived in the area — she does include a few pages with some basic fashion tips and lookbook ideas on her website, which can be read for free.
  • Corporette isn’t a petite-specific site; it’s a website and blog with fashion, career and life advice for women in the corporate world. But it occasionally includes a round-up of some petite-friendly workwear and advice for shorter women who want to look more professional. You can search out posts using the tag “petite“.
  • Professionally Petite is a blog about how to be petite in the workforce without looking young or childish. It’s written by a 20-something lawyer in Miami, and while the styles can occasionally be a bit on the young side, there is some good advice on assembling a professional wardrobe.
  • Truly Dainty — a petite fashion blog by Angela, a 5’2″ blogger. Her blog has a lot of resources, tips, tricks and advice for petites of different body types.

For Canadian shorties

  • Her Waise Choice — finally a Canadian option, written by Jen, a Vancouver-based fashion blogger and photographer. This isn’t really a petite fashion blog so much as a fashion blog by someone who just happens to be petite, so a lot of her style choices might be better suited to taller women (though she carries them off nicely). But it’s still a nice read with great photos.
  • Petite Plus, Meow! — a rare fashion blog catering to the petite plus market, and Canadian, to boot! Irene is a Toronto-based fashion blogger who’s a self-described curvy 5’2″, and posts a lot of cute outfit ideas for women who are short but not necessarily tiny.

For UK-based petites

  • Elegantly Fashionable – a fashion blog by Debonita Choudhury, a 5-foot-tall blogger, fashion editor, and founder of Petite Style Week in London.
  • Petite Side of Style – Lots of outfit “how tos” and great fashion posts by petite blogger Joanne Christina Lewis.
  • Styla Petite – Holly describes herself as “a five foot tall twenty-four-year-old with a fashion obsession and a serious lack of Petite choices!”

Got any others? Please share!

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