Concentrated fail

My friend Heather sent me a link to this t-shirt last weekend. I think she was trying to tell me that I’m concentrated awesome. Which, hey, everyone knows is true, after all!

But, the minute I clicked on the link, I spotted the issue. Can you see it?

That’s right: A t-shirt marketed to short women is only available in regular sizes. That means the shirt will guaranteed be too long on the vast majority of its target audience.

This is the sort of marketing fail that makes me want to hit my head against a desk. Sure, it’s just one of thousands of funny printed slogan t-shirts, and those are almost never available in petite sizes. But come on, who do they think is going to buy this, if not short people?

Needless to say, I did not buy a shirt.

(Also, I take issue with the slogan. What’s wrong with being called short, anyway? But I digresss.)

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